Transcend Memory Card Recovery : Restore Lost Files of Transcend Micro SD card

Nowadays everybody uses a memory card in their digital device like Mobile phone or the digital camera. Transcend micro sd cards are the most widely used storage media to expand the storing capacity of the device. It comes in a range of capacity and provide blazing fast data transfer speeds. But it is like any other storage media and the data can get lost in many scenarios. If you have lost some files then you must be worried about how to perform Transcend Memory Card Recovery and get all your files back. These files can be photos,videos or document files which are really important. You can recover the lost file immediately if you have the back up of the lost files. You must be also eager to know the reasons for the loss of file so that it can be avoided for the next time.


Causes of Data Loss From Transcend Memory Card

Human Error – You may have mistakenly deleted the files from the card or there can be any unintentional formatting of the of the card.

Abrupt switching off the device – When the device is switched off when the file is being transfered or created.

Corruption in the file system or memory card error – If the card has been corrupted or showing any type of error then you will not be able to access the files saved in the memory card.

When the data is lost you must not use the card for any further use as any operation of copying or creating a file can overwrite the existing lost file that still remains on the Transcend memory card. It can make the recovery impossible. So first look for the backup and if it is not available then use Memory card recovery software to restore lost files of Transcend micro sd card. The software will perform a deep scan of the card and then show the recoverable files in the preview. You can select the files you want to restore and the software will save it in the Transcend memory card. 

Memory Card Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install the software and run it.

Step 2 : Select the memory card for scanning.

Step 3 : Select the file format of the files you want to recover and start scan.

Step 4 : When the scan is complete restore the files in the memory card.


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