How to Rescue MicroSD Card Files After Format Error

MicroSD or SDHC cards have always been the first choice of large users. Its enlarge storage facility and easy portability has really made the utility even more popular among the mass users. But, can you ever think what should happen if some of your stored photo files get accidentally deleted or corrupted? What if the MicroSD card shows format error? Well, its really a cumbersome situation for any of us. But, the question is why memory cards show format error? How to rescue MicroSD card files after format error? If you are also the one who search for an answer of such annoying questions, then you are on the right spot.


Many a times while accessing MicroSD card, users have to face slow & sluggish behavior. Even the storage media fail to respond or get hangs while working. However, there are various of reasons that are quite responsible for MicroSD card corruption or formatting issue. Some of them are malware intrusion, corruption in header files, problems with existing file system, unrecognized device error, etc. Now, in order to overcome these problems users formatting is the best option. option. But, doing so will erase all stored data files.

Now, to overcome all such issues and to rescue MicroSD card files after format error, one should have to opt for third party digital memory card recovery software. Its advance and reliable data recovery procedure can easily recover MicroSD / SDHC card data files in every conditions. Apart from better recovery procedure, the tool also generates the log report of all the scanned and recovered files. Furthermore, Digital memory card recovery software should also supports SD card, SDHC, SD, SDXC, XD card, CF card, Memory Sticks, MMC and other storage devices. Last but not the least, the tool is well flexible to run on all versions of Windows as well as Mac OS X. So, try it and easily get lose data recovered.

Steps to Use Digital memory Card Recovery Software

Step 1. Download and install Digital memory card recovery software.

Step 2. Insert the MicroSD card into the Mac system and select the drive.

Step 3. Now, click on Start Scan option.

Step 4. Wait till the scanning gets overed.

Step 5. After that, a list of scanned file are displayed from that select the file that you want to restore.

Step 6. Finally, select the location to save the recovered MicroSD card files.


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