How to Recover Files from Unformatted Kingston MicroSD Card

Kingston: A well known brand that offers various of types of external storage media for its users. It is the most convenient device to store images, videos and other important documents in a well organized way. Beside that, Kingston MicroSD card also offers better portability nature along with intensive storage space. Further, due to its better compatibility nature users feel free to use in any types of multimedia devices. However, irrespective for such convenience, it has also been reported that some sorts of discrepancy also happens with Kingston MicroSD cards. As a result, none of the stored SD card files respond to users request. Due to which users really got panic and anxious. Now, what to do to recover files from unformatted Kingston MicroSD card? What are the causes of Kingston MicroSD card corruption?


Possible Reasons for Inaccessible Kingston SD Card

After several studies and observation, experts came to the conclusion that there are various of reasons behind the emergence of inaccessibility issue, some of which are illustrated below. Let’s take a look.

It might due to;

  • Improper handling of handy device,
  • Using the storage media on abrupt or dim power supply,
  • Ejecting Kingston SD card without unmounting them,
  • Mistakenly pressing wrong format button,
  • Virus intrusion,
  • Water, heat or other physical damage on card,
  • Logical error,
  • Hardware or software issue, etc.

However, there are various of other reasons that are still unknown.

Possible Way to Recover Files from Unformatted Kingston MicroSD Card

In order to retrieve Kingston MicroSD card files and to get lost photos & videos back, digital photo recovery software is the better option for you. Its reliable recovery software and eminent scanning algorithm perform thorough scanning of entire Kingston memory card. After that, it provides a list of scanned files from which you have to choose the required file and click the recovery option. Apart from better recovery option, the tool also generates a preview of recovered files which helps a lot to determine whether the recovered file is the original one or not. Furthermore, there are various of other features available for digital photo recovery software, which you can see after using it. So, what are you looking for just try it out and recover files from unformatted Kingston MicroSD card.

User Guide for Digital Photo Recovery Software

Step 1. Download and install digital photo recovery software and connect your handy devices to PC.

Step 2. Select the kingston SD card and click on Start Scan option.

Step 3. In this step you are advised to select required image type for recovery like JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. and then press Start Scan button.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of scanned images & video files.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered images get stored in different folders according to their category.

Step 6. Finally select the specific location to save the recovered Kingston MicroSD card files.


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